Chi from Chobits dont look a tme

this was my favorite song from 10th grade and it just came on while i was watching criminal minds omfgofbuiuihir

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No matter what you keep repeating

Nothing’s gonna drag me down

To a death that’s not worth cheating for

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dont !!! do!!!! this !!!! to !!! me !!!! again!!!!!

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the smell of damp feather pillows reminds me of when i lived at perpich and it makes me super sad :-(

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i havent showered in like 2 weeks

heres a pic of me trying to lick my fuzzy armpit


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my parents are laughing at me because i told them i saved a bunch of turtles today

i dont deserve any of this bs!!!! i deserve to be around people that actually care about me and that dont make me feel like shit !!!


halloween please